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With 2020 starting with a bang and all its own surprises and challenges that lay ahead.

Excitement is in the air as we have several exciting tournaments planned this year.

Firstly with a great follow up to the Nationals in December 2019. We’re starting the Year off by having our Main team participate in the Season 4 Paladins Pro Circuit as Hirez Studios open up the PPC to anyone playing on BR/EU/NA servers.

This gives the Boo main team, Boo Implode, the chance to play in an international event.

With all our faith in the Boo Implode team, we wish them all the best in this Qualifying event.

The Paladins Pro Circuit will be an event Live streamed across all platforms We will update you on the dates as we get them.

Here’s a quick look at how everything breaks down:
• League Qualifiers: 4 Weeks of Play
• Phase 1: 10 Weeks of Play
• Summer LAN: 3 Day Event
• Relegations: 2 Weeks of Play
• Phase 2: 15 Weeks of Play
• Hi-Rez Expo: Paladins World Championship

The Paladins Pro Circuit’s qualification phase will begin on Saturday, February 8th 2020 and will be broken into two phases — open bracket qualifiers and group qualifiers.

For more information regarding the PPC or how to get your Paladins Team involved in the events happening throughout the year and for updates follow us on:
Facebook – Boo Games FB page
Instagram – Boo_Games_SA

Or join our Discord where our community grows in strength by helping each other
Boo Discord

We at Boo wish you all an excellent year in Gaming.

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