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Annual Meeting Minutes: 4 October 2020

POSTED BY Eezi October 11, 2020

1. Chairpersons Report

It was announced that BooGames will officially be 1 year old on the 6th of October 2020, as it’s a been a year since Management met and signed the Constitution for the first time.

2. Treasury Report

No Financial Report was available as the club’s bank account was inactive for the whole year. Management should set up a date to go to the bank to sort out the access granted between the signatories.

3. ESports Title Target and Club Competition

Management has decided to open the club to more titles than just Paladins, Apex and CSGo. The titles being played in other Major leagues have been considered and the following titles will be added for 2021.

  1. Streetfighter
  2. Tekken 7
  3. Dota 2
  4. League of Legends

COD Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League and Valorant are being discussed.

“In-House” tournaments were discussed, to keep teams motivated to improve in-game. These will be announced as soon as we have enough teams to participate.

Meanwhile, the club will continue making use of leagues available in SA such as Raving Mad Gamers Tournaments and VS Gaming.

4. Marketing Strategy

The final copy of “The Parental Guide to eSports” has been uploaded to the BooGames website. The goal is to use this guide to approach and inform schools to register their own eSports clubs at the same time involve sponsorships via affiliation links and/or maybe potential financial support into various aspects of the club’s expenses.

5. Proposed Annual Fees

Boo Games never implemented the original Annual Club Fees at the beginning of 2020. This, unfortunately, is not sustainable as there are unavoidable expenses the club has to pay in order to be affiliated with MSSA. As from November the new club fees for 2021 have been proposed and accepted as R180 per person per year. This includes registration and affiliation with MSSA and other gaming leagues.

Each Participant will still have to pay their own tournament fees as required. These vary based on the titles you play.

Club teams are also welcome to order their own branded club shirt.
Costs will be required per request submitted. Teams are also allowed to involve sponsorship for their branded shirts. Sponsorship rewards will be discussed.

6. Club Rules

Club rules have been set up in the welcome page of the discord server so that new people have to accept to the teams and conditions before entering the Boo Games Community.

The rules is as follows:

  1. Be Friendly and Respectful.
  2. No Advertising.
  3. Don’t direct message anyone unless requested!
  4. Don’t ping (@Management) unnecessarily!
  5. No NSFW images or videos, not everyone in here is 18+
  6. Don’t share private info of other members.
  7. Usage of excessive extreme inappropriate language is prohibited.
  8. No racism, religion, politics, hate speech or anything of the sort.
  9. BOO GAMES forbids discrimination on the basis of sex, gender or sexual orientation, and also prohibits hate speech, harassment based on any of the prohibited grounds of discrimination.

Severe/Continued violation of rules may result in a ban, so behave.

Any breaking of rules that concludes breaking the LAW will result in an immediate ban!

Management have decided to elaborate on the rule of discrimination and that it is completely unacceptable to break this common LAW across borders.

Any person who intentionally publishes, propagates or advocates anything or communicates to one or more persons in a manner that could reasonably be construed to demonstrate a clear intention to— (i) be harmful or to incite harm; or (ii) promote or propagate hatred, based on one or more of the following grounds: age, albinism, birth, colour, culture, disability, ethnic or social origin, gender or gender identity, HIV status, language, nationality, migrant or refugee status, occupation or trade, political affiliation or conviction, race, religion, or sex, which includes intersex or sexual orientation, will be removed from this server. **Immediately**

7. Appointing Club Moderators

With above the implementation of stricter rules, Management have appointed two “neutral” community moderators.

“BangCryDie” and “Meteo” was appointed to monitoring and moderating user-generated content to ensure that the online community is maintained as a safe and fun environment.

Duties will involve providing discussion topics, encouraging participants to share, removing unrelated or inappropriate content, answering questions, defining group boundaries and rules. They will also have the authority to decide what information is approved or removed.

These Moderators has this position on a 3 month probation period and gives the community enough time to dispute management decision to give these members the role, if no reasonable dispute has been send to management they will attain this role for a period of 6 months. Election for the Moderator role will be in the second week of April 2021.

A !Tempmute has been activated in the server which means community members who break a rule will be warned by a Moderator/Management by means of a mute for a certain amount of time. If members continue with breaking the rules, “ShaneWonderTwo” will make the final decision on who will be removed from the server.

Management wants to protect the community by implementing the rules and upholding the “respect among others” factor within the community. Breaking of the LAW will not be allowed.

8. Election / Confirmation of Committee Members

Lenel “Mamabear” Human (Chairperson)

Jason “Slothwhisperer” Pretorius (Competition Secretary)

Jamie “Eezi” Lake (Website Manager)

Zunaid “ShaneWonder” Ebrahim (Community Manager)

Ryan “Raai’n” Makoni

We also welcome Darius “Worstnightmare” Van Rhyn to form part of the Management team.

9. Next annual meeting will be announced closer to October 2021

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